Covid 19

We are aware that the Covid19 crisis is having an extreme and significant affect on the whole charitable sector.

We have therefore been reviewing our grant giving criteria for the next rounds in 2020 and beyond.

Grant Applications

The next two rounds – Grant Round 3 and Grant Round 4 – will still focus on projects supporting the Over 60s, but with an additional criteria that projects must relate directly to the impact of the Covid 19 crisis.

We will also be prioritising charities that work in BAME communities, in light of Black Lives Matter and the growing awareness that these communities are being disproportionately affected by the Covid 19 crisis.

To apply for a grant, your charity will also need to meet the relevant income and expenditure levelsplease check the Eligibility details to see which grant round is relevant for your charity.

Existing Grants

If your charity is in receipt of a grant, and is unable to complete the relevant work because of the impact of Covid 19, please get in touch.


To speed up the grant giving process, all our grants will now be made by bank transfer. You will therefore need to provide your charity’s bank account details on the application form.

Other Resources

Many grant giving organisations are adapting their criteria in response to the Covid 19 crisis.

Here are two resources that list many of the options available:

Emergency Funding for Charities and Social Sector Organisations

Grants Online: Coronavirus