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We are aware that the Covid19 crisis is having an extreme and significant affect on the whole charitable sector.

We have therefore reviewed our criteria for the next round of grants, to spread our funds as widely as possible:

  • As well as focussing on people aged 60 and 0ver, projects must address needs that have resulted from the ongoing Covid 19 crisis.
  • In addition, we will be prioritising charities that work within BAME communities.

Please make sure you have read all the guidelines about who can apply for this round of grants BEFORE filling in the form.

If you are unable to complete your form immediately, you will be able to save it.
We cannot retrieve partially completed forms for you. Therefore, if you do save the form to complete later, it is ESSENTIAL that you save a copy of the link provided.

You will not receive a copy of a completed form unless every compulsory field is completed.

If you have previously saved a partially completed form, please double check that you click Submit when your form is complete, not Save. We have had several charities email us to say they have not received a copy of the form, but in fact have not completed every compulsory field, and we have only a partial entry on the database.

Partial entries are not considered.

Privacy Policy

All the data you provide in this application form will be processed and stored as necessary to fulfil our obligation in considering your application properly.

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Grant Terms and Conditions

All grants that we award are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions before completing this form as you will need to accept them on behalf of your charity.

This application round has now closed. Applicants will be informed of the trustees' decision within 2 months.