Every year, we focus on particular categories to support.  These categories are repeated on a three-year cycle.

What We Fund


Children and Youth

Priority will be given to projects focussing on homelessness, domestic abuse, prisoners/offenders, training and education, counselling and support, and activities for those with limited access or opportunities.


Music and the Arts

The Elderly




Please Note

We only award grants to organisations registered with the Charity Commission (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) or OSCR, or exempt from registration.

If your charity has a project that falls within the categories that we are supporting this year, and you are a registered charity, please complete the online application:

How to Apply

 PLEASE NOTE: we have already received an exceptionally large number of applications.  Frustratingly, many of the applicants are applying for projects that we have stated we do not support.  Please double check What We Don’t Fund below BEFORE submitting your application.

As well as having priorities that we do support, we also have activities and organisations that we do not support.

What We Don't Fund

Please read this list carefully.

We choose to minimise our administration costs, so will no longer reply to applications that clearly fit in to one of these categories.

Overseas projects

Capital appeals, including equipment

Schools, including activities

Village Halls

Minibuses or other Vehicles


Charities involved with religion (including repair of Church fabric)

Charities involved with animals (welfare and conservation)

Individuals, including individuals embarking on a trip overseas with a charitable organisation


Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies

Sea Cadets

Holidays, including respite holidays

Individual hospices (national organisations can apply)

Please do not submit an application if your charity or particular project falls within any of these categories.

For further information about what we fund, please look at the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page: