We have an online application form.

We encourage all applicants to apply via this online form.  However, a hard copy is available for those unable to complete a form online.

To find out more about the online application process, please visit our website on a tablet or computer.

Step One - Sample Form

This will tell you the information you need to fill in the form.
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Sample Application Form


You will NOT be able to save a partly-completed form.

Please make sure you have ALL the information you need BEFORE starting the Application Form.

Step Two - Application

When you have prepared all the information you need, please click on the Application Form button below, and complete online.

PLEASE NOTE: we have already received an exceptionally large number of applications.  Frustratingly, many of the applicants are applying for projects that we have stated we do not support.  Please double check What We Don’t Fund BEFORE submitting your application.

Application Form: Children and Young People

PLEASE NOTE: although we will treat all information provided with respect, we cannot guarantee confidentiality, so please do not submit information that is confidential.

Alternative Application Form

We aim to have our application process entirely online.
However, if you are unable to complete an online application form, please click on the button below to request a hard copy of the form.

Application Form - Hard Copy Request

Current Priorities


Children and Youth

Priority will be given to projects focussing on:
domestic abuse
training and education
counselling and support
activities for those who have limited access or opportunities

 Please do not apply if your application does not fit clearly within these categories.

Click on the button below to see what priorities we will support in 2017 and 2018.

What We Fund

Next deadline:

1st June 2016